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  • Quality Policy
    • Customers’ Satisfaction
    • Continual improvement
    • Compliance of applicable legal and other requirements
    • Conservation of resources
    • Pollution prevention practices
    • Prevention of injury and ill-health
    • Sustained training in quality environment and occupational health & safety management

    Safety Policy
    • Generate, Develop and Sustain a movement of safety consciousness among all, through sustained safety consciousness among all, through sustained safety training and practices.
    • Integrate safety practices completely with all other production activities.
    • Provide a Healthy and Neat work Environment.
    • Comply with all Safety and Health Measures required by law.

    Risk Management

    • As per the listing agreement, the risk management committee has been set up to constantly review the technical and commercial risks the company has to face so that the interests of the shareholders are protected. Risk management committee has been formed comprising of board of directors and senior managerial personnel.

    • The committee will meet once in a quarter to discuss the points forwarded by the risk management team and other risks facing the company and submit a report to the board of directors. The report will contain the methods to mitigate the risk.

    • The risk management committee will study the risks/threats/concerns both in short term and long term and take adequate steps periodically to protect the interest of the various stakeholders.