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  • We are manufacturing Potassium Nitrate form the last 100 years. It has a variety of uses in many industries and is widely used all across the globe. Some of its main applications are in the following industries:-
    1. Fireworks.
    2. Glass.
    3. Explosive.
    4. Nitrogenous Fertilizers for Foliar applications (NPK 13:00:45 formulation)
    5. Meat Preservatives (E252)
    6. Cigarette paper.
    7. Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth.
    8. Thermal Storage Salts.
    9. Ceramic Frits.
    10. Tree stump removal.
    11. Heat treatment of metals.

    We are producing 5 grades of Potassium Nitrate. Their detailed technical parameters & suitable Industrial uses have been mentioned in the links below:-

    LR/AR Grade.
    Grade I.
    Pure Grade.
    Grade II.
    Technical Grade.
    Pharma Grade.

    The wide applications of this chemical has led to it being called as one of “Most Useful” chemicals ever developed by the Human race.