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  • Heritage biotech private limited is India’s best Ammonium Chloride Manufacturer and is involved with the chemical manufacturing and distribution business. Our value statement, ” Providing chemical solutions – yesterday, today, and tomorrow,” summarises a great deal about who we are as a business. Heritage Biotech is a producer of specialized chemicals with a broad range of uses and a global reach in terms of distribution. We are the world’s biggest manufacturer and supplier of galvanizing fluxes, with a global market share
    of over 50%.

     India 's leading Ammonium Chloride dealer/ manufacutre located in 6 K.M Stone, Dhand Road, Gyong ,Kaithal 136027 (Haryana). They suppling Ammonium Chloride,potassium nitrate, Fertilizers, Specialty Nutrient etc.
    India’s leading Ammonium Chloride dealer/ manufacturer is located in 6 K.M Stone, Dhand Road, Gyong, Kaithal 136027 (Haryana). They suppling Ammonium Chloride, potassium nitrate, Fertilizers, Specialty Nutrient, etc.

    We provide conventional goods as well as customised formulas, all of which are produced with a focus to complete quality control. Heritage Biotech is considered as best ammonium chloride manufacturers in India. We are conveniently situated in Kaithal, Haryana, and are just a few minutes from many major interstate roads. In order to transport by rail, we have access to train tracks and loading docks. Barge service is also available as part of our delivery capabilities. The world around us is changing. The business environment is evolving. Heritage biotechnology is evolving as well, in order to satisfy the increasing demands of businesses across the globe. We are dedicated to ongoing research that will lead to the development of new chemical solutions for industry as well as for the environment. The company’s commitment to full client satisfaction has not wavered even as the company has expanded. Our sales personnel are not motivated only by the need to “close the deal.”

    Each representative serves as your own field technician, bringing a wealth of experience and application knowledge to the table. Their expertise assists you in doing a more thorough market analysis and then maximising your market possibilities. We expand into new areas, quality and service will continue to be our primary motivators for success. To do this, we must expand our company’s skills and contributions to our customers and the community, as well as its financial growth. As a result, we will create and maintain a good atmosphere of collaboration and transparency, not just inside heritage biotech, but also with our numerous customers and suppliers as well as with our business and community partners. In order to do this, we will create an environment that is open to new ideas, kind, helpful, and supportive of one another. We will ensure our economic future, feel proud of our work, and achieve greatness in our lives if we do so. Neither liability nor responsibility shall arise from any delay or non-performance that is caused directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond the control of either party. These circumstances include but are not limited to acts of fires, explosions, and floods as well as acts of or authorization by any government; accidents; labour disputes or shortages; and the failure or inability to obtain necessary materials, equipment, or transportation. Quantities that have been adversely impacted may be removed without incurring any responsibility. Seller shall be under no obligation to procure supply of the goods (or materials) mentioned herein in order to allow it to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement.